Sunday, October 28, 2007

A couple of toughts and things to come

1. If you have not seen the Tactical Exploitation presentation by HD Moore and Valsmith did at Defcon this year, you need to see it.

There's good stuff there for forensic folks too. Things like that some people don't know about. . . just good stuff.

2. When you do forensics on compromised systems, there is an inverse relationship between time and evidence; that is, the greater the time between compromise and examination, the evidence decreases.

A couple of files that I've found to be useful in exams - memory.dmp and drwatson.log (it might be drwtsn.log. . .). I'm going to do a do a longer post on this later on, but in short, attacker's tools often cause applications to crash. This is an easy way to find out how the attack was accomplished. WinDbg is your friend here. More later.

3. I'll be posting a couple of scripts in the near future. One will extract event logs from a remote computer, and the other gets services from a remote computer (similar to sc \\remote query), but it also extracts the PID and the path to the executable and command line.

I've been *really* busy in the last couple of months, between work and home life, but I'll continue to post when I've got something that I think is useful.

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