Monday, December 24, 2007

Blog, not dead

I have had some personal issues that have been intruding on my blogtime. Namely, I'm moving across the country. A couple of years ago, an agency that I don't work for started recruiting me, their recruiting ploy; going back home and doing the same job. Devious.

Long story short, I got an offer from said agency, told my present employer about the job and my agency offered to transfer me. I accepted.

The end result is I've been spending a lot of time arranging for the move. . .

Now a few random thoughts:

1. I was really saddened that Harlan Carvey decided to do away with the WindowsForensicAnalysis group on Yahoo!. I've thought about re-starting the group, but then I'm not sure that I have the time to do the moderation.

2. I do a lot of work with drives that have been encrypted with Pointsec. I've played around with the idea of breaking the encryption, and have done some initial research into the matter. Is there anyone out there who has looked into this, or is interested in collaboration? If you have/are, email me at bill (random gunk here @ .. wsxcvhuio) r i n g 3 . n e t.

3. The US. Gov's idea of of having 50 points that connect to the internet is a good concept, but I'm close to reaching the conclusion that the defense of USG's national assets is best left to the Department of Defense (they're the only ones who seem to do an even half-assed job of protecting their infrastructure). Further, do we really want 50 points that are FOIA'able for all to know about? Do Americans really want everyone to know that the FBI/NSA/CIA is crawling their site? There are some who argue that this is not necessarily going to be the effect of this memo, but remember, bureaucrats will strictly "the letter of the law." The upside is, of course, that if this is properly implemented, the Gov's security will be better. I'm skeptical that this will be the case, however.

4. A holiday spent away from your family is not a good holiday.