Tuesday, May 15, 2007

IE7 Internet.evt continued

Andreas Schuster has some follow-up regarding the internet.evt file. Andreas points out that with XP SP2 (German Locale) the file is "Windows .evt" Take a minute to check out his blog.

Further testing on my system reveals that this file has remained its default size 65,536 and clearing the log file seems to have no effect - same file size, same lack of content.

Has anyone seen anything different?

And just to clarify:

In my last post, I wrote that "Using psloglist against the file appears to dump the contents of the file." However, further testing shows that the file is not readable - when Windows cannot find the event file specified, it opens AppEvent.evt.

To illustrate, here is a screenshot of psloglist being run against "cybermonkey." Since there is no cybermonkey.evt on my computer, I get the data from AppEvent.evt.

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Daniele Muscetta said...

from this page:

Application Compatibility Logging

This feature in Internet Explorer is designed for use by Developers and IT Professionals to determine the compatibility of their website with Internet Explorer. When you activate this feature, Internet Explorer logs data points about your interaction with webpages in an event log, which can be viewed with the Windows Event Viewer. These events describe different failures that happened on the site and can include information about specific controls and webpages that failed. By default, this information may be viewed by all users on the computer unless an administrator restricts this access. For more information on logs and the use of the Windows Event Viewer, see the Windows Help topic "Event Viewer". [...]

I think this is what you are seeing.
On my Windows 2003 Server SP2 machine, with IE7 it is called "Internet Explorer.evt".

But, I mean... Windows is being using separate event log files for a while now, rather than the "usual three" (application, security, system).
A bit of history:

Also, on Windows Vista the event logging system has changed substantially:

Hope it helps.